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nested objects

vardhan={study:[ name:"satya"; age:"28"; ]; job:[ company:"xyz"; exp:"5"; ]; } i want print company in angular pogram??

6/2/2020 3:07:06 PM

vardhan js

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Use {{ }} inside your html template.


I know something about it. By the way, there is an Angular course available in this app.


What do you want to know?


Your object has wrong syntax. You can't use semicolons inside array and object.


vardhan js You doing ok. But look at the code you shared. That is not a nested object. That is an object with a property with an array value. Followed by another property with an array value? Coding is fun but it is also a very technical scientific business. It is very (I repeat) very important to learn to crawl in this business before you try to run. Start with the basics. Angular is not basics. Angular is a JavaScript framework for coders that know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I am not trying to discourage you. A passion and self belief in this career is a must. But you must also be realistic. You not ready for Angular yet. Learn JavaScript first: especially classes and ES6 modules if you want to use Angular.


And like Igor Makarsky pointed out the 'object' is not even an object. The syntax is completely wrong. Be humble, ambitious, daring, creative and patience. Learn the basics first.


OK thanks.


Sorry mistake.


Do you know angular


Tell me..


Nested object OK. How to print nested object.


I know print single object.


Do you open api.