Except the "challenges" , how many more ways are there to get XP's ??? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Except the "challenges" , how many more ways are there to get XP's ???

6/1/2020 7:32:44 PM

Amaan Khan

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You will got 10k xps form code coach and code coach badges 1k xps from code ninja badge 1k xps form illustration badge 1k xps from seniors Dev badge 1k.xps. for questions posting, answering posting, lessons comment + 10 code post + 5 code post badges 5 or 6k xps from courses of sololearn


Solving code coach challenges, completing lessons, increasing your streak


Around 16k xps you can gain without a single challenge


Streaks, tutorials, badges, etc.


Hello, Another great way to get a boost of XP is to achieve badges! Challenges are the fastest way though, in my opinion. Thanks, TheCoder


Coder can you please explain how??


Coder Are you describing the overall XP's for example like when I complete all sololearn courses then I will get 5k or 6k XP's . And how would I know that how much XP's I have earned from different badges, questions posting , answer posting, lessons comments etc. By the way Thankssss bro for explaining!!!!!