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I wanna learn python?

Is it python good for making some revenue as a coder and. If it is good Pls tell me the way to be professional in the python . i dont even know basic of any language. PLS HELP ME

6/1/2020 12:57:17 PM

Yuvraj Chodha

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Do the tutorial first.


Yes you can go for python as it is most trending language today because of its beginner friendly syntax. But despite being beginner friendly, it will still take a significant time to master it, on an average 4-5 months.


Bro how to master it Any website or a way to learn it deeply??


Ohk i will keep in mind all ur suggestions Thanks


Yuvraj Chodha once get good hold of basics then the best way to learn is by making projects.


yess...I think its good for your future


yes python is now currently trending,but i will also suggest to study flutter.


The power of python is not only in its ease of use and popularity but also the availability of many open source libraries that you can use freely in your code. Its also a very good match for machine learning which is among the trendiest of our contemporaries.