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How to enter input

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6/1/2020 9:15:41 AM

Sai Shreyansh

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Mention your language


in which language you want to get input?


value = int(input()) Or input()


Sai Shreyansh Remember: If you are asking something for specific programming language then mention that name please use a variable to store input v = input() or if you want to input number then cast it v = int(input()) if you want to input float then again type cast it v = float(input()) if you want to Print something with asking for input then v = input("Hy ")


Sai Shreyansh your answer is hiding in your question You have to use input () for get input in Python Here is a small example: X = input() print(X) Hope this helps you can change the data type by the use of int(),float(),str() int() for interger float() for decimal values str() for string inside the () bracket you have to put the value which you what to change so simple out input () inside them


How to enter input in python


Run this code to understand how input works in SoloLearn


Sai Shreyansh In which language?