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2.11.2: Compute change.

A cashier distributes change using the maximum number of five dollar bills, followed by one dollar bills. For example, 19 yields 3 fives and 4 ones. Write a single statement that assigns the number of one dollar bills to variable numOnes, given amountToChange. Hint: Use the % operator.

5/31/2020 4:14:30 PM

Sandra M.

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Take a look at https://code.sololearn.com/cGhjdglNjbAp


import java.util.Scanner; public class ComputingChange { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scnr = new Scanner(System.in); int amountToChange; int numFives; int numOnes; amountToChange = scnr.nextInt(); numFives = amountToChange / 5; /*Your solution goes here */ System.out.print("numFives: "); System.out.println(numFives); System.out.print("numOnes: "); System.out.println(numOnes); } }


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