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Jojo Learns Stacks

Jojo needs to work on her stack data structure for an upcoming interview. She decided to implement it and asked her teacher for a problem on it. She was given an infix mathematical expression by her teacher and was asked to convert it to a postfix expression using stacks. Jojo tried but couldn't do it. She doesn't want to go empty-handed to her teacher. Help her by writing a code to perform the task. -------------------------------------------------------- Input A single string containing a mathematical expression. There is a single whitespace between all operands and operators. Sample Input 5 + 9 * ( 8 + 3 ) -------------------------------------------------------- Output Convert the given expression to postfix and print it, with a single whitespace between all operands and operators. Sample Output 5 9 8 3 + * + Plz Help Me To Understand The Question, It will be better help if anyone explain it to me Tell me how output is 5 9 8 3 + * + 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Also I found this ,where you can experiment by changing symbols and understand it more clearly ,the result is in step by step too




Symbol:5,+,9,*,(,8,+,3,) Stack:none,+,+,+*,+*(,+*(,+*(+,+*(+,+*(+),+* Expression:5,5,59,59,59,598,598,5983,5983+,5983+*+ Tried to understand it by here ,


Thanks Abhay , I'm reading the Complete articles, & I hope today, it will be completed If it's not, I'll inform you