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How much time i need to understand the programming in phython

And is this harder than other languages..?

5/29/2020 3:31:25 PM

Rohit Rawat

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$¢𝐎₹𝔭!𝐨𝓝 Rohit Rawat Bcoz no one can predict the exact time Ok tell me, when will you die? You don't have any answer bcoz you can't predict your death time as you don't know it Similarly the time you need to understand the Programming in python is only depends on your practice, focus, capability, environment, & many more So I'll suggest you don't think more about these things, & just learn You will get to know that you have understood the Python with time I hope you understood


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For learning more easily you will need the Nuremberg Funnel. For more information refer to


According to research, you need about 10,000 of practice to master something. However you can speed it up with metacognitive strategies (learning how to learn effectively)


I don't know exactly how much time you need time to understand, but Python is one of the easiest language to understand and to start. I recomend you to start with Python.


No, Python is not hard language compare to other programming language. Everyday 2 hour for 3 can become better in python.


Not sure. No one has understand it completely yet.