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Shouldn't there be a course for making simple games ?

Some of you might be knowing making games with languages like python can help you understand and implement the code in better way but you have to go through various different different sources in order to start building games.

5/29/2020 11:26:08 AM

Piyush Kumar Sah

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the courses on sololearn are introductory. just so you can form an idea about how programming works and what you can do with it. you can make games in python using the 'pygame' and 'arcade' modules. also 'kivy' module is great for mobile games this might help you with the question: an introduction to arcade module: an example of a game in kivy:


Nope ! Game development is a specialized field and not everyone is into games. Assumning there is a simple game development course, the main issue will be in which language it should be teaching game development. You choose one language there would be request for doing it in another language, then another and so on. So it's better you learn the language concepts, learn about game development from the books or tutorials/courses on net.


Piyush Kumar Sah just practice and write as many codes as you can. improve them in time. learn new modules and see how you can solve the same problems using those modules (this will help you understand the concepts better and realize where else you can use them). such modules would be the collections, itertools, functools, etc modules which are built-in and don't count only on challenges because most of those questions are never used in real life. they're made just to twist your mind 😄 also don't give up if you're stuck somewhere. just take a break to clear your mind, and get back to it. a hard problem solved gives bigger reward than 1000 easy problems solved 👍


Thankyou! i do remember losing from you several times . So, how you became so perfect in language??


Yup that makes sense


Thankyou again for sharing . It's pretty much clear that there's no easy way around 😂. I will try harder and improve myself 😤.