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Python at age 30 in India?

I Completed my MCA from Amity University in 2014 and then started as an intern, later work for an year in Mobile App Development. Then due to some personal reasons, gap for 6 months and then changed my domain into Technical Recruiter. Now in Staffing Industry, as a Technical Recruiter from last 5 years. So need suggestions on this thing , In India, is it possible to get a job at the age of 30 in Python Development. I started learning Python myself from last 40 days. I want to grow in Machine/Deep Learning career. Please Suggest!

5/29/2020 12:12:21 AM

Rohit Tamba

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Hello, Rohit Tamba, 30 is a young age, and I don't see any issue. The working population is defined by people of the ages 15 to 64 - you are absolutely fine. And even if you were older, it wouldn't mean it would be impossible to find a job. If you want a career in machine learning, then Python is a great language. Are there many machine learning careers today? I'm not entirely sure - maybe low-level AI. Start with SoloLearn's course, but then take more advanced courses - be willing to spend money. Thanks, TheCoder


Yes,you can go for python. It has nothing to do with your age,you can learn it easly