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Where to use C# Skills? Pls help

I have already known the basics of c# and also learned from sololearn. But i don't know where to use C#. i know that c# helps in developing games and apps etc. But how to build apps and games I'm very confused pls help i want to make my career in C#. Pls tell me in android development and in Computer development i only knew c# from sololearn now how to get started earning . I have learned so much in computer technology but don't know how to earn.

5/26/2020 6:36:37 AM

[email protected]¡k AD££L

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Microsoft provides various of the platform, some of the most commonly uses are Visual Studio, Visual Code... For your game-related visual studio also provides you unity in it so you can use that as well.


[email protected]¡k AD££L Plz have a look on this 👇👇👇 https://www.quickstart.com/blog/c-skills-needed-for-entry-level-programming-job/


Osama Younus I have used visual studio and unity but I don't think learning c# only helps u it's so complex for me


You can't learn C# from VS, you'll apply your skill. And Initially try your code using console application