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Following and Followers.

I have a limit of the following. Then I have to avoid following. How can I tell the difference between followers and following. Both columns indicate following. Who or what should I reduce?

5/25/2020 9:56:36 AM

Aad Hoogenboom

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Followers: The first list is of people who follow you. It apparently does not have a limit. It can't be changed unless other users follow/unfollow you. Following: The second list is of users you are following (you see their activity in your feed), which does have a limit. It can be reduced by unfollowing some users.


I have stopped following some users. The limit has been lifted. Thank you.


thanks everyone for the information. 


5K is the limit.


I think if you engage most your time at sololearn the app give your name as suggestions to another person who want to discover new friends


Aad Hoogenboom Follower = a person who follows you, who clicked 'follow' button on your profile, your follower. Following = a person whom you follow, you're his/her follower, you clicked 'follow' button on his/her profile.


The first column is 'Followers'. The second one is 'Following'


tavilefty to prevent users from following other people in bulk to get follow backs. People usually do this to get followers.




Vikash Jha Don't be rude, I don't think everyone is to learn (directly by courses). Many of them are experienced developer, who are here for social interactions, and many other codes for fun.


Aad Hoogenboom Keep following & make followers 🙂 You have 4.1k followers & 4.9 following if you want you can reduce your followings by unfollowing them


Followers are who follow you and following are who you are follow them


But why is there a limit to follow anyone?



Aad Hoogenboom, in my opinion, people who are in active most of time , need not to be followed, please reduce some of people who are not much engaged in this platform, be connected to people who are really working on this field, and unfollow rest


You can only reduce following....because you can't delete follow button🙂. Do what you want to....


DIONDA SANDRIl Plz ask your question in a separate post Remove this


See, a person who follows you is your follower. A person whom you follow is ur following Eg: If I follow you, I am your follower If you follow me, you r my follower


Followers are those who follow you. Following people are the people you follow. So simple.


Why you're avoid following 🙄