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What is the protocol if I think a question is incorrect?

I've been told I need to memorize questions before, so I don't know for sure if this is correct, but I think the question (in Python3) was "what is the output" for "print(5+5+6**6)". If I remember correctly the options were 26, 36, 46, and None. 46666 was definitely not an option. As I'm writing this I realize the answer is likely "None", but I think perhaps it should be more verbose? This is also because "None" is a common output in Python to indicate a problem. Thanks, Steve

2/24/2017 7:15:23 PM

Steven Ramey

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Yeah, visph absolutely tells the truth. There are a lot of mistakes at the quizzes. You can only try to post that to SoloLearn via Facebook, Twitter, their website or the app (menu>feedback). They don't participate at q&a.


I was meaning: it's just a game... not something serious, as quizzes are submited by user ( and validate by vote ) and there are two type of user here: beginners, which don't have required skill to submit good questions ( enough to be another thing than just a game ), and advanced user, who submit too hard questions for beginners ( some things that are difficult because unused, and so on... ): I just give a look at quizz factory / rate submission, and I was not very surprised to see the poor quality of the quizz ( and the number of bugs, placeholder not at the good place :P ... All that don't be helpful, there are just facts... sure. But exactly, how do you think to be helped? The Q&A section isn't used by the sololearn crew: they prefers use other social network than the one they build... and I understand, because I wouldn't be proud of the quality of this non-forum/non-chat ^^


As there are only four options, you can guess that there is a typo error in the question, and find that the good answer is '46' ( 5+5+6*6 ) ^^


@visph Your answer is incredibly unhelpful. That does not address the problem of a typo making it into the quiz questions.