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For 2D Platforming

I've been seeing more and more questions pop up about users wanting to make their own games and often times they're told to use an engine. However, I've been working on a piece of js code for a while that will enable users here to make simple 2d platformers without the use of an engine. The code can be found here: Although the comments share a big deal, I made a documentation sheet to make level creation easier: This is something I've been working on for a long time. I have a lot more stuff planned for it that's close to completion, but I wanted to leave you guys a mardi gras gift, so I'm giving you all an alpha release for it. It's quite limited in that the only objects are the player, walls, and a kill trigger, but maybe you guys can come up with something creative for it. Feel free to save it to your profiles as well! I do not mind the reuse of my code, so long as you leave the proper credits in the code comments! I want to see what some users can do with this tool. If you make something cool, send it to me by posting it here! edit: NOW MOBILE SUPPORTED. Mobile touch controls are in an early beta, however, and are currently clunky. If anyone wants to offer suggestions for better movement, please do so. I'm open to just about anything. (Looking into a virtual joystick)

3/9/2017 6:43:31 PM


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have you considered using the mobile accelerometer? (allow to select to use it perhaps) or perhaps a joystick for the movement, could work nicely on phone :)


hmm not awkward, it actually a nice idea, sounds easy and simple :)


hey burey, thanks for the suggestion. I'll take that into consideration when developing. Right now, I'm trying a sort of "invisible" touch pad where tapping the left side of the canvas moves you left, right side move right, and then tapping in the top area jumps. if that's too awkward, I'll roll with what you posted! Thanks! Also, I'll soon be rolling out some test levels that can actually be completed so you guys know what all can be done with my pre-defined objects. I want to make this as simple to use as possible.


The code got an update. It now supports the mobile movement I described in my last post (albeit quite a bit clunky... am working on making it smoother). There are also 5 levels pre-made to test out, I will be adding more as I develop this. Some new features are the ability to collect "items" (level 4 requires you to pick up 2 blocks to proceed to the next level) as well as a life system (where either touching a red block or falling off a ledge will deduct a life).