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Python modules

Does anyone know what Python Modules are allowed here? I cant get the requests module.

5/23/2020 6:18:43 PM

Killian Fortman

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requests module is something you have to install by pip, it is not a built in module, but you can still use it here thanks to other SoloLearners


Ali Abdelhady I agree, but it hasn't this feature right now so I'm happy with this alternative way When this feature will be added in future, I'll become more happy πŸ˜‰


Ali Abdelhady Can I use this to install any module of Python?


πŠπ’π’π›π¨ π†π‘πšπ²πšπ₯ yeeees but not gui. no tkinter, no turtle...


Ali Abdelhady Have a look in this Turtle code


Oma Falk Thanks I got 2 alternatives but what for gui , tkinter?


πŠπ’π’π›π¨ π†π‘πšπ²πšπ₯ If they can not be run inside the terminal, I believe they won't work in SoloLearn.


πŠπ’π’π›π¨ π†π‘πšπ²πšπ₯ that's because it is a web code, it is expected to be a gui app any way The point is SoloLearn expects that your Python code is executed in the terminal.


there are security reasons for this as well though. should keep this in mind.





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yes of course