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I need help regarding what to do next in web development.

I am good in developing responsive web pages and JavaScript applications. I know JQuery and Bootstrap 4. So you see I can handle the front-end quite well. But my problem is that I don't know what to do next. I don't know what to do exactly to become a successful web developer (to do some part-time freelancing, maybe?). • Is it required to become a full-stack developer or I can do well with front-end? • Should I learn frameworks (like React, Angular, Vue, etc.)? • If yes, then which one should I learn? • If you suggest me to learn back-end as well, what should I learn? Should I do WordPress as well? I am also quite reluctant to start to learn a framework. Seeing the usage of npm/yarn, Babel, etc. I just become bored. Any suggestions? Please don't advice me on the basis of salary (I'm not desiring to make a lot of money by web dev.) because all I want is to become capable of doing a good number of web dev. tasks (like on freelancer). Please guide me so that I can gain confidence and momentum in this field.

5/21/2020 3:11:53 PM


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If you feel that backend server, JavaScript framework or all the dependency web tool eg webpack, babel are overwhelmed you, you can choose to only focus on design front end webpages using html, css and javascript only. When i started learn web development, i spent over 3 years to practice front end web coding on html, css and JavaScript only, I didn't use any framework, not even jQuery and bootstrap. That time I wanted to train myself to master only on making all kind of webpages using html, css and javascript only. I even produced some of the more professional websites for my local companies. I only moved to learn react framework and node.js after i have built a strong foundation on front end websites. when i started learning the framework, I felt it's much easier to catch up and understand the concepts after i have strong JavaScript knowledge. After all, the frameworks we learn and even babel and webpack tools are all JavaScript code based coding.


Calviղ gave out a good prototype of what to do, but i think you are intrested more in exploration of frameworks, how they work, the advantages and disavantages right? If yes, then i would suggest you doing angular then react, they happen to be the most used ones and i think you learning them will give you a better view of why they are much preffered. Js has a countless number of frameworks that have vast uses...as for you, since you are pretty good in front end, i would suggest you going with front end frameworks first before progressing to the backend. Back end is quite vast and requires serious commitment as ive heard, thats why personally i havent ventured into backend though i have a few tricks up on my sleeve. So, i would suggest angular, react, then vue, from there, yeah, you can choose to explore more or jump right into backend. Happy coding 😊 Keep coding 🙏


Thanks Calviղ , but can you please suggest me how should I move forward? The queries I have are mentioned above, but personally the most important thing that I want to know is what skills should I have so that I can have a good and attractive portfolio as far as web dev. is concerned. And if you suggest me to learn something further, please provide me a kind of pathway to follow so that I don't get discouraged. I went on freelancer to check if I could apply my skills but everything just decreased my confidence: 9/10 web dev. tasks required to either build some shopify things or use WordPress or at least required to have strong back-end knowledge. Kindly guide me.


Thanks Alfred Juma