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What is the best way for Protecting Web source Code ?

We do hard work on our project and Somebody steal our code and change name and upload that code by Showing that its made by him it heart more. How to can we protect our source code and convert code less readable . Can any one explain me the best and latest way of Protecting our website source code.

5/20/2020 4:24:37 PM


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I don't have much knowledge about this topic, but i have heard the term "code obfuscation" few times. It makes the code less readable. You should try googling it


Rewrite engine rules


Hello, 1- Client side protection: As the code runs in the browser and we are not interested in the log files, proven methodologies of script concatenation and obfuscation (uglify) would be good enough. 2- Server side protection: This is required only when you do a license sale or deployed in customer site as otherwise (platform as a service) you would have protected access to these files. So, when it is required, as we will also be interested in the log files too, the best option would be to go with exe. The closest that is available for NodeJS platform to create something "like" exe is EncloseJS. Here the problems are unoptimized code, tightly coupled nodejs version, etc. But, won't we normally tradeoff one for another in our architecture? The other option is JXCore. I am not able to get enough documentation on it as most of the doc links based on jxcore.com were breaking. It encrypts the source code and creates the package. We execute our nodejs app through jxcore which decrypts the code before executing it. The problem is how the encryption key is stored and retrieved at the time of decryption as they employ symmetric encryption. (I am not too sure).


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.htaccess file


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