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Hello everyone, Is it possible to create a website from scratch without spending any money ? If it’s not possible, what’s the minimal price to start a website ?

5/20/2020 3:37:36 PM

Jay Yan

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Thank you for your answers. I’ve heard about a « hosting price », so according to your answers, it’s not mandatory ?


If you have the knowledge, then you can do it for free.


If you’re smart enough, you could make a website with HTMl, JavaScript, or HTML. You can also use to translate any document or text into website Of course there are free websites to make websites like ngix. If you make a website you can post it on or


you can create a wordpress website with very limited knowledge.


It all depends on the knowledge you have


That's true.


You can also use a GitHub repository as a website, which may act like your hosted website.🙂😀


Thanks a lot !