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What do mean by user deffine function


5/17/2020 3:35:12 PM

Ashwini Kumar

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Some functions are defined by the user for performing specific tasks. They are known as user defined functions. For eg., If you want to multiply all the factors of a number, you create a function which will perform the task when a number is passed to it when called in the main function and it returns the product.


The function which you write for your own purpose (any thing you do in that function) are user-defined functions like Ex1 : void myfunction(int I) { printf("%d",I); } Ex2: char* myfunc() { char a[20]="hello"; return a; } And predefined functions are like printf() , scanf() , gets() , abs() , pow(), fscanf(), strlen(), etc... I hope u understand this..


You are an user. Now if you write a function, that is what called 'User defined function' :))


The function that you write it, and not the functions defined previously with the language.