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Cleaning my code

Hi I think there’s something am missing on my code I want to connect a second script to be called when user press specific function from my main module And is to be connected with this script The will be more functionality as seen on main but once we connect the first I will be able to finish all Thanks **** am not trying to connect through SoloLearn it’s a private dev. Will appreciate for your help

5/16/2020 6:25:54 PM

Julius Bright

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its not on solo learn am doing it as private project.. if you can be able to help i can give you my github so we can contribute from there


Julius Bright Multiple input is not valid in Sololearn Try it out in Pydroid


thank you Abhay but i use iphone. am using it on my laptop


u could write normal_calc as module and save in the directory of python modules. the link is the common import.


Julius Bright You cannot import one code in another code on Sololearn.


Julius Bright Ok I thought you are trying here. Sorry I don't have installed python.