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Execution speed?

python calculate very complex calcules in very less time in compare with c++ and by considering this ,i dont understand what is the meaning of execution speed.

5/14/2020 7:57:56 PM

Amir Husain

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Amir Husain Execution speed means an program or set of instructions take how much time to give resultant output. If the output generated by the program is faster than it's considered as least complex solution for that particular problem. For making an less complex solution you need to makr your code efficient in regards with time complexity by reducing unnecessary calculation from your code, reduce the looping, make the solution with efficient logic which take least number of iteration. Python is considered slow as compare to C or C++. Some calculations might come faster in python that too just because of using library functions and other things but in general for big projects python will work slow as compare to C++ as C++ is considered more nearer to assembly and code conversion from source code to executable object code is faster. so conclusions is that C++ is eay more faster and flexible than python is any complex or easy task which is why starting from competetive programming to high risk tasks C++ use


Where you found it.. It is actually complete reverse phrase.. C++ calculate very complex calculates in very less time in compare with python.. Execution time means "the time it takes to execute the lines of code in a program". So the speed is the difference between Program started and end time..


Amir Husain it shows infinity doesnot mean it take more time.. A simple example : Python has simple libraries help in robotics, but when execution speed is important then c++ is preffered even though implementation is complex.. But if you know that python can do 10^10000 in less second, then what else about you asking of execution speed? 🤔 Any ways, You can read again the best answer you made for clarification. It is there detail explanation....


Jayakrishna🇮🇳 python can calculate 10 to the power of 100000 in less than one second but cpp show "inf" output.