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Kotlin for web developement

Is kotling good or not good for web developement? And tell us which language is the best in your opinion.. please

5/14/2020 2:44:15 AM

Eslam Khaled

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Kotlin is so much better than Java... Of course the beauty of any language is in the eye of the beholder. Nobody's opinion will guarantee yours will match. I hate Java and love Kotlin. That has no bearing on how you will feel. Every language can be used for web development. But, since JavaScript is known by browsers, using node.js as your backend language should be your first choice. If you dislike JavaScript, Python can be used as a JavaScript replacement for the frontend and works for the backend so I'd consider that second. If you dislike that, find the language you like to use as your backend.


John Wells thank you so much


Kotlin web development is similar to java. If you like java, you will like kotlin. I prefer c# and asp.net core because I'm c# developer :)