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Question about SQL, MySQL and NoSQL differences

What are the differences between SQL, MySQL and NoSQL? Do I need to learn all 3 or if I only learn SQL, will I be okay?

5/6/2020 9:43:15 PM

Matias Ignacio Paredes

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SQL is Structured query language. MySQL is a database service that has its own set of SQL(pretty much same as SQL) There are more Postgresql, MSSQL for example NoSQL DB as it says does not use Structured Query Language Most data are stored in JSON like object. Where SQL and NoSQL both have databases but SQL stores data in tables( Rows an columns) NoSQL stores them in collections and documents. Mongodb is a popular NoSQL database service. There are more differences a Google search will suffice. Learn SQL first. Its easier to understand. You can do almost everything with SQL that you can do with NoSQL DB. Both have their ups and downs.


MySQL is an management system relational database that allows you to keep organized the data that exists in a database. SQL is a language that is used to operate your database. The big difference between the two types of databases is structuring, which in the case of NOSQL is a form of unstructured storage. SQL: Its composition is made with databases full of tables with rows containing fields structured. NoSQL: they are from databases without a fixed table like those that are found in relational databases, which allows high scalability in them.


Thank you very much for the clarification! One last question, is Oracle database modeler MySQL?