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Removing tkinter Labels

Hi Guys,I'm Really Stuck In A Problem Here. This Is My Code,I Was Trying To Make A Word Guess Game: In Line 46: My Problem Is That When The Players Attempts Turn To Zero,Some Labels Which Should Be Destroyed As I Put This In An If statement,But..They Are Not Destroyed. My Mind Is Blowing And I Don't Know Why This Happens,Please Help!

5/6/2020 7:54:19 PM

Ahmad Tarek

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Yup otherwise that game over wudn't print ,my bad didn't noticed ,I can't help sorry because I have no idea about tkinter ,I don't even get what is destroy() doing


But attempts==0 is never 0? It is actually 1 two times and then -1


Abhay It Turns Zero But It Stills 1 On The Label,Comment This If Statement And See.