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I am almost done with Python 3 , done with SQL cources. And on phone app Data Science. What should I take next

5/2/2020 8:30:33 AM

Donna See

2 Answers

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Congrats Donna See! :) a better queston would be: what are your goals? If you want to continue learning about Data Science, I would say that it is nice to practice with a real project after you conclude the courses. Practice is the only way you can remember all the content! There are several websites with ideas for new and simple projects! Start from the easy ones and go your way up. Post your results here & check what people think about it. I’ve found a website about data science projects, hopefully it will be helpful! have a great day ;)


First thing is how well you would rate your skills on a scale of 10. If you are above 7/8 then you can go for additional skills. Learning more skills won't guarantee a job or career. Knowing one skill in depth can put you in a top position job. So if you are confident enough then you can go for Django, AI concepts :)