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Coad coach balconies problem Has anyone completed this and will show me? Having a tough time visualizing how the two inputs work sorry

5/1/2020 8:03:47 PM

Brenner Pieszak

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Hello Brenner Pieszak I am sure you can do it by your own. :) Can you explain your problem? Are you not familiar with user input in general or not with multiple user input? balconyA = input() balconyB = input() Now you need to find a way to extract the width and heights from each string.


first = str(input()) second = str(input()) first_list = first.split(',') second_list = second.split(',') a = int(first_list[0]) * int(first_list[1]) b = int(second_list[0]) * int(second_list[1]) if a > b: print ('Apartment A') elif b > a: print ('Apartment B')


I tried solving through an array. In C++ code