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Cert to college credit?

So im in the navy and evaluation period is coming up and they care if your taking steps in education so i was wonder if these can be transferred to college credit, or if the certs and courses are US board of education approved as a class or something?

4/29/2020 4:20:19 PM

Nicolas Frye

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The certificates on SoloLearn are not accredited by any educational institute if I'm correct. They wouldn't be certified because there is no way of monitoring if you haven't cheated because you can do "exams" at home rather than in a test centre. Have a look at this website. https://cpduk.co.uk/news-articles/view/cpd-points-units-credits Also, you can take courses that are accredited by big tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco, etc. Microsoft offers many different types of certificates but you will most likely have to set an exam. Have a look at Microsoft as they have HTML5 certificate if I'm correct.