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Would I want to learn Java to make Minecraft mods?

I want to make mods for Minecraft or sorta break the vanilla game. I've heard of people using python or eclipse to make them but I don't get how a different language works with another language.

4/28/2020 8:38:37 AM

Jarred Random

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Minecraft modding, and game modding in general, is a very broad topic. It can be as simple as creating custom skins and artwork that requires no programing knowledge to creating extensive modifications to the game engine code. The basics of java will get you started but in order to mod the game you will need an understanding of the game structure, organisation, and codebase. Do a search for "Minecraft Modding" and you will get millions of hits on websites and video channels that cover everything from a basic overview to in depth tutorials. Forget about Python for modding Minecraft. Minecraft is written in Java. There are mods that patch Python into Minecraft in order to script things but then you are modding with a mod - it gets very complicated fast. Eclipse is not a language. It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). An advanced kind of editor i.e. a tool you can use to mod with not an actual language. Have fun.