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Web project

So After I finished my HTML and CSS courses , I’m planning on starting JavaScript then Python. Do you guys have any practice project for me at this stat ? Or do you want us to work on a project to improve our skills ?

4/28/2020 1:50:20 AM

Adam !

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Practice with what you have learnt, by doing any kind of website.


You'll need a theme to start a project to practice HTML. The best way would be to begin with something very easy, such as the My Blog Project Template in HTML course. After that, come back to develop it from time to time, when you learn new tricks. I am featuring seven of my favorites : https://code.sololearn.com/WS1l4514JQAx/?ref=app


I have found this: https://medium.com/@avicndugu/projects-to-practice-html-css-skills-for-beginners-8b9ed67a7dd1 But you can also ask Google. :-) Just type in "html challenges for beginners".