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I am bad at math

How much math i should know to learn coding?

4/25/2020 4:19:08 AM

Tasnim Ahmed Rakin

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You don't NEED to know math to learn coding, developing apps will hardly require any math, and games won't get past basic geometry or trigonometry. However, if you want to be a data scientist or a software engineer for a big company, math is a must. But of course, even in writing a simples "hello world" knowing math will help you approach problems in a more logical way, so it's never enough.


Higher maths if you actually want to be a person who thinks logically and be able to solve any coding task so you need to be a pro mathematician.


Tasnim Ahmed Rakin the more you know the better.


See actually math is practice to make your brain sharp so practice math . And first understand what is the thing then you will be able to make your own formula which can also help you in making logic in program .


Solve algorithms, understand the concept.


Some basics I guess.


Actually the more you like math the more you get better at it. Math is fun! Additional mathematics and calculus maybe..🤔


Maths is actually not important for learning coding, but if you know basic coding then you can easily learn coding.


None , but you might need to learn for certain problems that you face along the way as you take on more challenging problems


Think it simple, Math is like a game, when find out the solution, feel happy, it also happens in programming. Math is essential in all sectors including programming. Basic arithmetic function is need for coding like: add, subtract, divide, multiple. So, practice more and more it enhances your thinking capability as well as you learn mathematics and do good at in coding jone.


Matters of what do you want to deal with. For website maximum you can use arithmetic (Maximum). In SQL, no. I assure you this. But if you want do become a professional developer of coding (included with understanding of machine learning, algorithms of many kinds, data visualization & science) I think you need advanced math. As I have heard. And I do not think you will interact with this part, so you can stick to developing webpages and simple charming animations which need only patience and lots of tea/coffee☕🍵


If you know the four basic operators (+, -, *, /) and exponentiation (^ in math, ** in programming), you're probably good to go.


You don't need any hard maths in coding there is a simple maths like (add, subtract, divide, multiple etc.) and this are basic every one know this


Tasnim Ahmed Rakin I am an Art student and also my math is worst. But here you need you improve your logic. Basic knowledge of math is sufficient.


It should be enough to know basic multiplication and such but when you start learning about algorithms and calculating time complexity and such, wherever you are learning it, it will tell you what you have to learn. So keep coding and learn as you need it.


The logics in coding require basic maths for beginners. But as you increase your level of coding it requires some higher level maths. Its easy to get through maths you just need practice.


Then, you should join tution classes for division/substraction/multiplication and addition it will improve your next question 😁


You don’t even need Math for much, don’t listen to the others here. Basic arithmetric (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) is really all you need. Of course if you want to work is a mathematical field related to programming, you’ll need to know Math.


Then you gotta be good. Because in programming you needa have a good mathematics or you may get troubled in codes.


You can star with only aritmethic (+×÷=-) and some logic basic, but of you want make some visual you want use geometry, physics and matrix; if you want write efficient algorithms you need statitics and avanced.. In fact maths are tools to do something amazing