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Question about C++ and HTML

Hey there! I'm currently learning C++ and I wanted to say, do you think C++ builds websites as good as HTML? I was actually learning HTML besides C++ the other day and I found out that you can make websites using C++. Thank you.

4/23/2020 8:54:17 PM


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I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. Yes, you can build a website in C++, but at the end of the day you’re still outputting HTML which a client’s browser will read to display a page. That front end part of it - the content that’s displayed - is always going to be HTML. As for the “as good” part, I’ve never tried to make a website in C++, I imagine it would be pointless to do it this way for a simple static site but might be viable for more dynamic sites or applications instead of using something like PHP or a JavaScript framework.


Most of used server side scripting/programming languages interpreter/compiler are mostly implement in C/C++... so, in a way you could do anything that they (of their frameworks) do directly with C/C++ (or any programming language: assembly for the higher level language), but as stated by chX "it would be pointless" appart from learning purpose, as it would be hard and wasted time to reinvent the wheel probably without reaching the robustness of well-tested more specialized languages/frameworks ;P