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How people get mod or pro fast ?

Asking this because it's been 2 year myself on sololearner

4/19/2020 6:48:45 AM

Nishant Singh Tomar

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I think the exam comparison has one flaw: Even if you show the behavior of a potential moderator, that wouldn't mean you necessarily become one. For one thing, there would have to be an actual need for new moderators at that time. And yeah, 'pro' is comparatively simple: Just pay. 😉


Pro is paid , means it is bought mod is selected by moderate Society of sololearn it takes time


Nishant Singh Tomar Mod selection doesn't depend on since how many years you are here. Let me ask a question from you. You are trying to pass a exam since 2 years but you didn't give effort or you didn't learn anything. Will you pass exam? I think no. Same for Mod selection. Mod selection is being by other Mod. You are here since 2 years and nobody knows who are you, what you did on Sololearn, did you contribute something here? Nobody knows.


Pay solo learn to became a pro😎


Just practice