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Can any one help me in robotics

Is there anyone experienced in robotics field

4/18/2020 2:18:03 AM

Vaibhav Someshwar Kanade

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Vaibhav I have used Arduino UNO before. Trying different apps isn't really going to teach you much. I think the best thing you can do is to go to the official arduino website and explore the different sections there such as tutorials and resources. Everything you need is there, and you won't find better tutorials better than the ones in the official website, at least for starting. They even offer sample codes, you can study them to understand how the syntax works. Only after you have learnt the basics, you can start looking at more advanced projects on YouTube, but it's not really necessary. Arduino programming is easy, so what you might want to focus on is how to use the electronics and robotic tools that you want to use with them, and not the coding part.


Please be specific more specific in your question/description, try to format it like this: 1. What you're trying to do 2. The problem you encountered 3. What you've tried in an attempt to solve it 4. Your code



Actually i am preparing projects on arduino ..i want to learn arduino uno programming ....learn its code of voice controlled robot ,led blinking and with camera i want to learn the code and be perfect in every code so if require i can make more changes in my project guys plz help


In attempt to solve it i tried many apps but i was unable to get satusfied result


I will follow your views aymane ...thanks a lot