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how to import tkinter

import tkinter m=Tkinter.Tk() m.mainloop() used this but not working Error:No such file or directory (used sololearn editor)

4/15/2020 4:43:09 PM


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Sololearn doesn't support Tkinter yet. Meanwhile, you can use Pydroid 3 which has good support for GUI libs. Works pretty well.


tkinter might not work in Sololearn!


It doesnt work in solo learn. Havent been able to make it work on mobile myself through any means I know of. If you find out please share


Make sure first if the tkinter library exist


Ok tkinter does work on pydroid 3 ,I just ran a sample ,maybe my code was wrong that's why I was getting other error with IDE one ,so pydroid 3 is the app to go for if anyone wanna use tkinter


Can i know where did you tried, sololearn code editor or other editor?