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I have a question. I would like the PRO version. Payment from the Netherlands is not possible. Rabobank is not. Neither does PayPal. What is the correct procedure?


4/13/2020 3:40:17 PM

Aad Hoogenboom

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It worked! PayPal was not yet activated. Thanks. 👍


Congrats on getting the PRO service. I hope you ll enjoy the extra lessons and the extra code coach exercises. Have fun!


Try with VPN, if possible and check if it allows payments through Google play store


Aad Hoogenboom i was also stucked with same problem 😣 After that i finally dropped a mail to sololearn after some days they they replied that they only shows us many option but payments are only acceptable through Play Store. You should try to pay with Play Store , payment must be done👍 Check this


Hello Aad Hoogenboom It seems that there are no other alternative payment options. But I suggest you to contact sololearn: [email protected]


Congratulations to you for that pro tag 👍👍👍👍


Tfw you finish the 3 pro courses in the 3 day trial period


I also want to get Pro



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I want to also pay for the PRO version here in Uganda but i have no credit card and i have paypal but how do i deposit it their



help me click on this link



#include <stdio.h> int main() { int n, sum, rem; printf("\nEnter the number of elememts : ") ; scanf("%d", &n) ; i=1 ; sum=0 ; while(i <=n) { printf ("\n Enter data number %d : ", i); scanf ("%d", &num); rem =num % 2; if(rem ==0) sum=sum+num; i=i+1; } printf ("\nThe sum is %d, sum");} getch() what's wrong in it


What is the difference between the different pricing for annual? Im seeing pricing range from $23.99 (what i paid) and $59.99?


Please,answer anything on my comment,i need it for completion of task


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I'm new but i'm trying to learn.


Please can anyone here teach me how to program a GPA calculator using Javascript