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Python file manipulation

im having problem trying to save data name to a .txt file im trying to insert user name and then if it is registered then a message will show that the user is already registered it is tho finished now i need the content of the file is a list but i cant use split() any idea of making a list from the .txt file?

4/13/2020 5:51:31 AM


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Please show us your complete code by linking it here to get the appropriate help. Thanks!


Why can't you use split? What is the problem? Just specify a delimiter in file. For example while writing to the file separate the data by comma or space or semicolon or anything else and then use split.


Sorry to make you wait 3hrs.... So basically im too lazy to c&p so im gonna get to detail. Im Using a txt file as a data for name and the file is apended with username created from the main Python file it works and it shows how much user with name and basically i dont want the txt to be easily edited and i can convert string to binary but converting back to string is so hard and the idea of converting it through list doesn't work.... In simple matter: i want the text file encryption binary with each word is a binary and can be printed as string as they was(cross file)


ok Simple question from this Discussion: Convert Binary to string with file handling because i want the binary in seperate file