A question about Sorting of strings.

If "a">"A" returns True Then suppose there is a list b=["a", "A"] Why does b.sort() returns ["A", "a"] ?

4/8/2020 6:19:58 PM

Anurag Mondal

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Sort sorts ascendingly. [1, 2, 3] [65, 90] ['A', 'a']


Yah...I am learning four different languages presently in four different platforms 😅 Im very new to solo learn... haven't even been a week since I started learning all these.....its such a huge community here😅..pardon me for such absurd question 😅


Oh...Omg...i just... realised how stupid my question was !😅😂...Im sorry guys...got confused a bit 😂


Don't beat yourself up though. 😉 If you think about it, it is a bit funny that 'A', although capital, is not greater than 'a'.


Obviously a is greater than A thats why it is returning true in the if condition and as it is greater, its also getting placed at the 1th index.


HonFu that maybe the very reason which was playing with my brain forcing me to think that a should come first😅...I was justifying my point so confidently that if a is bigger, why is A getting placed first? Lol...😆


Four different languages in four platform , that's great! When I started whatever time I got I just learned python for 6 months and practised a lot,


Strings are stored as ASCII Unicode, sort() function recognizes "A" as ASCII hex 0041 and "a" as ASCII hex 0061. Hence "A" will be before "a" , as in 0041 hex before 0061 hex. "a" > "A" is true since 61 hex>41 hex or if you prefer decimal 97 dec > 65 dec




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Hey are u kidding? 2 > 1 So how do you think [2,1] is sorted. was irritated tbh.


Doesn't sort returns in ascending order ?90>65,so a>A,and so ["A","a"]🤔 or am I missing something ,or is it descending order ?I have to ask these questions since two ppl liked your question!


Yes I do know it...what I meant in my question is that although it shows that a is bigger than A...then why is A getting placed first when I am sorting the list?...it should sort in ascending order right? And according to the Ascii value the sort is correct and thats what I was expecting...but then why is it returning true when im comparing weather a is > A or not?...this is my main point of confusion. My main concern is about the condition returning true.


Anurag Mondal The only stupid question is one not asked.


Did you know the ascii values of a-z and A-Z? Or even how sort function works?


Obviously a is greater than A


Or do you think 90>65(a>A) should return false?😂


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