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Listing python3

I want to make a list of all my friend name by absence number so when the absence is 1 it call for my friend with the absence number of 1 but i want to make the list is a string(my friend do not understand basic of coding) so they can't just change they're name from the list

4/4/2020 7:06:31 AM


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You can save the list in a seperate file.


u could encrypt the names


Gacha Dante Rei - - >ier-->jds


I don't really understand. Can u give an example please?


Data = ["Danang","Adit Zandra","Rei","Andhira","Anggun","Nanu","Bagus","Bintang","Cathy","Felin","Faiz","Hamzah","Pipit","Amel","Kevin","Keyla","Sisil","Lala","Adi","Ferinur","Rasya","Noval","Fachri","Adit Pratama","Fadhil","Iqbal","Nabila","Nafisah","Najwa","Naura","Novita","Neta","Tristan","Aldo","Sera","Silvia","Sofi","Titan","Fahmi"] i want the list not visible as a string or maybe hide the list


Oma Falk how???


Gacha Dante Can you give an example of the output you are after?


Gacha Dante Are you trying to create a function where your friends indicate if they are present, which creates a list of present friends from your list of total friends


Rik Wittkopp uhh no i want to make the code know that if my friend input they're absence number it will show they're name ex: absence:1 ==Name: Danang Oma Falk i dont what it means by Rei -->ier-->jds all i know is that ier is reversed


Gacha Dante Ok buddy Here is a little code which may help you develop something bigger. I am using a while loop so your friends can input their status, which will create an updated list of Absent Friends. This loop will terminate when 'exit' is entered. I have used a dictionary to capture the names of friends and assigned them a 4 digit code (birthday) When the birthday is entered, the name is indexed from the dictionary and appended to a list called Absent. This list is then printed showing their names. Remember, in Sololearn, all inputs must happen during the submit prompt.


Didn't understand what u want


Wants to hide everyone in the list