What are ES6 and DOM has todo in Javascript? are they both frameworks like Node.js or React.js?

I'm new in Javascript and did learn a few basic things for now. So, I searched further in the sololearn Javascript course and collided these two modules that I mentioned above. that brings me question about what these two hold in Javascript and what they can do if we learn it? My WildGuess says these two are frameworks.

4/1/2020 11:18:36 AM

Coding Kitty

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ES6 is simply a web standard specification for JavaScript that specifies how browsers should interpret JavaScript. ES6 was quite a game changer as it introduced many new features like let, const, classes and arrow functions to JavaScript. The DOM is the representation of HTML nodes in JavaScript. It's not a framework it's built into JavaScript by default. With the DOM you can edit the HTML of a webpage using JavaScript.


Neither Node nor React are frameworks.


ES6 is an updated version of ES5, an alternative name for "JavaScript" and since JavaScript actually depends on html, DOM was introduced so you can manipulate HTML directly from your JavaScript


DOM is the Document Object Model See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Document_Object_Model


Neither ES6 and DOM are frameworks. ES6(EcmaScript 6) is like an upgraded version of javascript(ES5) which allows for much more improved experience. DOM(Document Object Model) is a model or method in which javascript communicates or relates with HTML elements.


Too bad that I don't even know about frameworks :( anyway. But I'm gonna wait for the others to answer my question to decide which is good enough tick the best answer.