Help! Help!! Help!!!

Have been into Python for over a month now but yet am not feeling it. Please how do you think I can become a good programmer.

3/29/2020 5:51:03 AM

Kareem Basit Adeniyi

2 Answers

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It is gr8 that u realize that unless you truly love the language, you don't rlly become a good programmer. See, first of all (tho u may think you've already done that) u need practice a lot. Just immerse urself into it. One way to do this is trying is to solve interesting and intriguing programs. Then, you wouldn't see them as programs, but as challenges or games. If this still doesn't work, maybe python is not ur language. Each programmer has his own taste. So go ahead and try other languages. Not liking 'one' language won't make u a bad programmer :)


Learn all the syntax ,their meaning and uses and start practicing.