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Which Device and Operating System is used in developing Nintendo Games? And After Creating a game, in which platform is it published on? And it would be great if you provide some online resources to learn Advanced N64 Game development! Thanks in advance.

3/28/2020 9:00:16 PM


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The N64 is difficult to develop for due to the cartridges containing custom chips. If I recall correctly the official development toolchain was SN Systems Psy-Q N64 Dev Kit. SN Systems also made a dev kit for the Sega Saturn and the original Sony Platstation as well as others. The dev kit consisted of a cross compiler, libraries, a RAM based development cartridge and a special comms card to download your game into it. The homebrew scene used a port of the GNU compiler and their own libraries and linker scripts. There was still the problem of cartridges though. There were some unofficial dev cartridges made and sold in Hong Kong but they were illegal in some countries. A web search for "N64 Homebrew" will give you plenty of hits. See: https://n64.dev/


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[No Name] Firstly Publishing platform is important because Nintendo is not something like Android or Ios applications that has both official and 3rd party stores. And I can't understand what you meant by suitable and light for ALL KINDS OF DEVICES. N64 games run on N64 consoles and emulators, so what about light and for all kinds of devices?


publishing platform isn't important. because you can decide its platform by coding it. but the main thing is you should make it suitable and light for all kind devices. so the user can have the same thing without getting into searching or choosing trouble like google, face book, you tube etcetera.