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Which freelance skill to learn in 2020?

Which programming skill is demanding? Should I learn Web or Mobile? Which is less competitive? Or do you have another suggestion? Thank you.

3/26/2020 8:01:01 AM


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It depends on the platform and country. But Mobile development, web design are profitable sectors right now. And about choosing web or mobile, I think it is best to do both. Why? You need similar skills for both and most clients who have a website will soon enough be asking for an app version of their site. App development however is less competitive


As per the requirements of companies both web-app and application development are important. Try and look at both of the things and learn the basics of both as per your pace.


L Noitra Start with web first. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can later expand your knowledge of JavaScript in building native mobile apps or hybrid apps.


L Noitra start from basic web like html, css and javascript... then as your interest


So how should I start with ? What language should I start with? Should I learn web first? Or mobile?


Thanks a lotttt guys , Love you all 💙


If u are going to study app dev then you can go with flutter or react native both are cross platform and if you are going for only Android app dev then go with Android studio using Kotlin


Mobile development and Web development is a good thing to start with. You could pick anyone to start with...