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I don't understand what web-storage is?

2/18/2017 5:44:35 AM

Khuntheng Puthirithea

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as the said above me it stores data on the users computer. I recommend localstorage. localstorage is almost the same as a cookie but it is way more secure,so passwords should be saved as localstorage. try the sololearn html course and go to html5. there you will learn more about localstorage and sessionstorage


internet hosting location, the detailed packages handshaking, how to continue browsing the same webpage without all that traditional methods used to be adopted, previously... have you checked what a long details shown in your browser, when you continue reading from the same webpage... I think that it was not the version of HTML5 has done all that alone , but IP addresses expanded to become more available to use several fixed IP addresses for a single webpage with a limited features... those whom learned about networking from cisco Academy can figure that issue out better than a code writer cares about his own subject... However, it was javascipt cookies that was re-requesting from the servers to send alike id details along the requested data....but the hint above wills to take about 10 xp!!!


web storage is file which is stored inside your browser as a cookie to have better user experience with sites you are visiting. like it will store your user activities/preferences etc and it will show contents according to that.