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Issue related to Django Project , Please help !

I want to deploy my django project online via heroku ,i've included all the important files as well requirements.txt , runtime.txt , Procfile under the DRI e.g Project> webapp > webapp(all my .py files and folder like static , template n etc are here) and I'm following this heroku tutorial to do so and i've followed each and every steps as mentioned in this tutorial , but at the end when i run git push heroku master cmd I'm getting this error "App not compatible with buildpack:" anyone can help me out on this ??? Tutorial link -

3/24/2020 9:29:04 AM

ayushman tiwari

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That error means there is no package.json at the root of the git repo. Either your app isn’t fully committed to git, or maybe it’s in a sub-directory? The React app must be at the top-level to work with this buildpack. Maybe this discussion can be useful to your cause: