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HTML Forms

I really don't understand the part in the HTML course about forms. Can someone explain the different attributes like radio, GET, POST, input, type, name, value, method, action and URL. And is it really necessary to use those attributes when I can just use backend programming languages like Python and Php?

3/23/2020 9:36:01 PM

Koopa Scripter

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1. The radio button gives the user a chance to choose only one input as compared to the checkbox which allows the user to choose more than one option from a variety of options. 2. The GET method collects all the input of the users to one file when the user summits the form but its not advisable for taking user's sensitive data like password. The information still remains on the page after the user has submitted it. 3. The POST is the same as the GET method but encrypt all sensitive data, so its advisable to use that one. 4. The action is used together with the URL. 5. URL is also use the determine the destination of the form. 6. The method is used together with the POST and GET. 7. In information us to be taken from the user the input tag is used but together with the type to determine the exact type of input. Because there are variety of them like password, text, text field etc.


GET and POST methods differs in the way used to send data (commonly from forms) to the server, by appending textual key/values pairs at URL (named a 'query string'), or inside the Http header (as well as cookies, which are availabled by this way at server side). Example of Get request Url: It's considered unsafe in first case (GET, data in URL), as data are visible from anybody, and mainly: > by browsers possibility it can be: - be cached - remain in the browser history - be bookmarked > just by user copying-pasting it can be: - distributed & shared - simply hacked Contrarly, in a Post method, the data is no more visible directly by an human in the Url, but is embeded in the Http header, wich is a data-set of information initiating a communication between an internet browser on a user PC through the web protocol Http to server and reciprocally (they handle for example the Http error messages when the request fail in server-bro


METHOD for form :GET, POST INPUT TYPE: radio, number, text, checkbox. Check this lesson about form in html


Thank you all so much! Now I understand :)


@Jesus Eduardo Canul Koyoc Yes I know but I don't know what Method means.


Method is mandatory in a HTML Form, "actions" and others are not. POST/GET are the two method values, a post request will hide the form data so it won't be visible in the URL but a GET request won't


Please go through the corse of html again