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Hey guys! Four friends of mine (and I) are developing an online course platform (similar to coursera, udemy and edX, but only with our content). There's gonna be lots of media, interactive quizzes, tests, and different level of content access (depending on user's plan). I'm responsible for the platform (as my friends will produce the content). First, I would need to understand our tech-requirements: back-end, front-end, security issues, server-hosting, data-bases and payment control. I would like to know which technologies are most suitable for us (and where could I learn more about web-course-platforms) (I know a little bit of Javascript, CSS, HTML and Python... and although it would be easier, it does not need to be related)

3/22/2020 4:06:13 PM

Lucas Werner Kuipers

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For the backend, I would personally use NodeJS or PHP. Python is probably your third best option (probably higher up on other’s lists). Front end is really less skill and more creativity. HTML and CSS are musts here. JS would probably be used for your quizzes and such. You will probably use some database for storing information about users. SQL is my first choice there. Keep in mind that if you’re new to programming, this is going to be a massive undertaking and will take a lot of practice and work to complete. It can definitely be done, just stay focused and push through the hard bits