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background process service

hello , i want to develop an custom application for ios and android with (dart & flutter) i want to get user locations permanently should work in background and i need to work with (latitude & longitude) user for monitoring where they go.! The questions is: 1- are taking current location best approach for monitor my users? if not? what should i do? 2- how do that? thanks..!

3/22/2020 3:59:01 PM


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Ginfo for example this is local delivery app , the manager needs to know delivery man go for whitch area and location


I’m not sure why you would need their locations. But I’d say username pasword and email is the info you need. It might depend on what you are making. Also I think the users will/should be prompted if they want to allow you to use their locations. I’m not sure if that’s a law or what, but apps that track locations will prompt the user if hey can allow to track their location. -


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