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Old version of SOLOLearn

Hey guys could some one tell me that how can i get the old versions of SoLOlean because this latest version is too slow

3/22/2020 1:42:19 PM

Najmuddin Ansari

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Search apkmirror.com. It should have saved an older version from the playstore. Though i doubt its going to help much. With the current global pandemic. People are staying more indoors which, translates to higher app activity and increased server load. Which can also explain the slowdown. If you haven't already try clear cache for this app, then mobile restart. If still slow, try (Warning: save credentials before hand) clear sololearn app data. If that didn't help go the old app route. Though, I would 1st uninstall and re-install the current app to be sure.




I have a old version . If you have a telegram , I will send you old version .


It doesn't really make too much difference in terms of system resource usage between the latest version (3.1.3) and for example version 2.6.4 which I'm currently using on my tablet. If you're interested, the details of each process are as following numbers: Version 3.1.3 Average RAM use ~80MB Maximum RAM use ~120MB Version 2.6.4 Average RAM use ~70MB Maximum RAM use ~90MB So, if your device configuration (CPU freq., amount of RAM, ...) is high enough AND the number of different applications that are open at the same time (in background and foreground) is sane AND as @Lord pointed out, the accumulated cache and especially data which may contain some obsolete files belong to previous versions of the app also should be taken care of (which is probably the first spots, to begin with.), then you're good to go.


I don't think there is any guarantee that an older version is faster. Also which old version are you talking about? There would have been many.


Daljeet Singh latest one


You cannot get the oldest version as even the playstore updated this app with the latest version😅😅😅


I think u can't


For me its working fine Najmuddin Ansari which version are you on? edit: it won't affect on performance of servers latest is 3.2.3 I was on beta , thats why I asked, thaught, may be something wrong with it , it seems like immense load on servers of SL , hoping everything will be fine soon👍


You might need Coolpad legacy


Galaxy-Coding (use the search bar) Are you sure this file will not harm our device?