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Building projects

Hello all, I have dug around, learned something bits of languages and have a few ideas for mobile apps I can build and put out to the App Store. However I’m unsure where to do the actual work. Everything on mobile is learning coding languages and how to build the actual content of the program. What I’m looking for now is how to get a text editor and ways to build and present a finished project to the marketplace using only mobile to build. For example how can I build a calculator app for iPhone, assuming I know the language already, and present and host the app to the Apple App Store? Are there any resources that I can look into?

3/21/2020 6:18:17 PM

John Butrick

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The next thing is to search for "GUI programming with swift" Most of what you learnt are actually for console based application, so search for any GUI framework that supports iOS device, learn them and start making apps