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Hi I just started out with the challenges and I’m sort of confused as of how to separate multiple outputs for the testing cases. When I get through the 1st case the output becomes 1st case output passes but then second output fails the first and I get stuck. Any help would be great. Have a good time coding.

3/21/2020 4:57:21 PM


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give me an example coad coach


Extra-Terrestrials You meet a group of aliens, and their language is just like English except that they say every word backwards. How will you learn to communicate with them? Task: Take a word in English that you would like to say, and turn it into language that these aliens will understand. Input Format: A string of a word in English. Output Format: A string of the reversed word that represents the original word translated into alien language. Sample Input: howdy Sample Output: ydwoh so i did like this newstr = lambda y: y[::-1] # and i put the 1st test case print(newstr(“garbage”)) # and it passed through the case (1) # then how do i proceed to the second? print(newstr(“bathroom”) # the program works but first case fails # because there’s too much outputs at # the same time

0 here is my code which is working. Understand my code I used long way ask me if you didn't understand.


thank you


you're welcome