I have doubt on increment and decrement operators in c# can anyone help me

3/20/2020 12:30:33 PM

Rajani Upadhyay

2 Answers

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Increment/decrement operators increase/decrease value of operand by 1 They are represented as. ++/-- but there is difference between placing them. e.g ++a and a++ are different. 1.Let,(pre-increment) int a=3; Console.Writeline(++a); //here output is 4 //after the above statement value of a becomes 4 2.Let,(post-increment) int a=8; Console.Writeline(a++); //here output is still 8 //after the above statement value of a becomes 9 Inshort, if the increment operator is before the operand then value increases by 1 on the same statement and when increment operator is after the operand increment take place but after that statement(in which it is incremented) Same is with decrement operator


Thank you